Social Intrapreneurs DNA

Research Report

Social intrapreneurs are a different in the way they think, act, and make decisions compared to regular executives.

Social intrapreneurs can be found in roles and functions like social innovation, sustainability and corporate responsibility

Do you know who your social intrapreneurs are and are you offering them the right development opportunities?

Are you able to best leverage their strengths to drive sustainable and social innovation, and to lead the cultural transformation necessary to thrive in the new economy?

And if you are a social intrapreneur yourself, the question is – are you able to make the best use of your natural strengths yet?

This research report decodes the Social Intrapreneur’s DNA.

It provides deeper insight into the key behaviors and competencies needed to be successful as a social intrapreneur inside an established organization. We also look at the evolution of social intrapreneurs, compare social intrapreneurs to corporate entrepreneurs, and look at how culture and context influence results.

Social Intrapreneurs DNA

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