Social Intrapreneur Profile™ Package



The Social Intrapreneur Profile™ is a success profile that looks at the critical behaviors and competencies of successful social intrapreneurs, innovators,and leaders based on years of research.

The Social Intrapreneur Profile™ Package includes:

  1. Social Intrapreneur Profile™ Assessment
  2. A Description of the Key Competencies and Behaviors Needed to Succeed
  3. A 20+ Page Personalized Report of Results which include:
    • Assessment of Key Competencies,
    • Assessment of Key Behaviors, Priority and Desired Range.
    • Assessment of Areas of Strength and Development Needs.
    • Action Plan Template
  1. Plus: Analysis, Interpretation and One Hour Review Session of Individual Results
    • Results will be Analyzed and Interpreted by a Certified Consultant
    • Consultant will/can Analyze and Interpret Individual and Team Reports
    • A One Hour Phone Session Scheduled with Participant to Review Results

According to the Devine Group, “Competency based assessments provide a means for building skills and knowledge people must have in order to perform a specific job well.”

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