Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report™


The Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report™ includes:

* A customized two page executive summary of team results.

* A snapshot of the teams Intrapreneurial orientation.

* An analysis of team results presented in a graphical format for easy reading.

* A graphical representation of gaps in perception versus reality.

* An interpretation of the team results providing deeper insight.

* A summary profile of team members comparing their thinking versus their actions.

A great way to visually see your teams Intrapreneurial capabilities.




The Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report™ gives you a snapshot of your teams intrapreneurial orientation. Teams that have a strong intrapreneurial orientation have demonstrated higher levels of productivity, engagement, innovativeness and financial performance.

Intrapreneurs possess a unique combination of capabilities that distinguish them from traditional employees. The Intrapreneur Scorecard™ helps you understand those differences. The Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report™ helps you see those differences at the team level.

The Team Report enables you to evaluate the overall intrapreneurial orientation of your teamYou will see not only what your team does, but why they do what they do. You will also see the gaps that exist between their perception of what they do and what they actually do at work. Things that can get in their way.

The Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report™ provides a quick snapshot of the following:

  • Work Environment – Context for Intrapreneurial Action
  • Leadership Profile – Assessment of Top Intrapreneurial Competencies
  • Determine Team Profile – More Traditional, Intrapreneurial or Both
  • Self-Rating of Competencies – Identify Gaps in Perception versus Reality
  • Self-Awareness – Understanding Team Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Presence – Demonstrating a Level of Trust, Competence and Confidence
  • Thinking Process – Left, Right or Whole Brain Thinkers
  • Level of Engagement – Engaged, Enrolled, Disenchanted, Disengaged
  • Intrapreneurial Attributes – Mindset, Thinking, Decision Making and Action
  • Intrapreneurial Influences – Influences that Drive Entrepreneurial Action

Each team member will take the Intrapreneur Scorecard and then receive their own personalized scorecard that they can compare to the overall Team Results. Collectively the team can work toward addressing gaps that may be impeding their ability to be effective and successful in their role.

The Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report™ was designed for leaders and teams that want to better understand their groups intrapreneurial capabilities.  It helps the team see what attributes and competences are critical for success.

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