Intrapreneur Scorecard


What you get when you purchase the Intrapreneur Scorecard™

personalized two page executive summary with your results.

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Intrapreneurs possess a unique combination of capabilities that distinguish them from traditional employees. The Intrapreneur Scorecard™ helps you understand those differences.

The Intrapreneur Scorecard™ provides an initial high level self-assessment of your Intrapreneurial capabilities.  It enables you to compare yourself with the attributes of intrapreneurial versus traditional leaders.

You can see for yourself if you are more traditional, intrapreneurial or a little of both.

The Intrapreneur Scorecard™ provides a quick snapshot of the following:

  • Leadership Profile – More Traditional, Intrapreneurial or Both
  • Self-Rating of Competencies – Top Intrapreneurial Competencies
  • Intrapreneurial Attributes – Thinking, Decision Making and Action

Once you take the Intrapreneur Scorecard you will receive a personalized two page executive summary with your results.

The Intrapreneur Scorecard™ was designed for individuals, organizations, and leaders who want to better understand their own intrapreneurial capabilities.  It helps you see what attributes and competences are critical for success.

According to a study at the University of Toronto, the most sought after professional for the 21st century economy are Intrapreneurs.  Isn’t it time you found out if you have what it takes.

The Intrapreneur Scorecard™ helps you do just that.


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