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Read Entrepreneurs Inside – Executive Summary to get an executive overview of the book Entrepreneurs Inside – Accelerating Business Growth with Corporate Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs Inside provides insight into what type of individuals are needed to successfully lead new growth initiatives and what it takes to develop corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) as a core competency.

The book was inspired by an extraordinary group of individuals who stepped up to the challenge of building new growth businesses in their organizations. They were experienced corporate entrepreneurs responsible for building million and billion dollar businesses for their organizations.  Building a new business inside an existing organization is a daunting task. It takes a unique combination of competencies to lead these initiatives.

The book describes the competencies of successful corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders. It provides a framework for understanding corporate entrepreneurship and what is needed to support and sustain innovation over time.  It also reveals the obstacles and hidden barriers these executives encountered as they created the entrepreneurial culture necessary for success.


“Entrepreneurs Inside is written for CEO’s and other senior executives who are placing ever-stronger emphasis on top-line growth and who believe that innovation sparked by in-house entrepreneurs is a powerful means of achieving that growth.”  Ken Lizotte, author The Expert Edge


Entrepreneurs Inside:

  • Describes the competencies of successful corporate entrepreneurs
  • Looks at the 3 P’s of entrepreneurship – People, Process and Place
  • Reveals the obstacles and hidden barriers that stifle innovation
  • Provides tools and techniques to develop corporate entrepreneurship
  • Asks you questions to help you see how entrepreneurial you are
  • Shares lessons learned from experienced entrepreneurial leaders.
  • Provides a practical look at entrepreneurship, innovation and growth


See how you can leverage the entrepreneurial capabilities you already have inside your organization.

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