Entrepreneurship Workshops

Dealing effectively with the new business environment requires breaking old patterns of thinking, acting and decision making. It is the interplay between thought and action.

  • How well does your organization navigate uncharted territory?
  • Are traditional ways of thinking and acting impeding progress?
  • Are you happy with the return on your growth investments?
  • What can you do differently to increase your success rate?

Our workshops are tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Executive Briefings

Find out what it takes to build the entrepreneurial mindset and infrastructure to accelerate growth.

Lunch and Learns

Educate your organization on the value of becoming more entrepreneurial to increase productivity, innovation and growth.

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action Workshop

Our Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action Workshop provides you with the tools to:

  • Shift your pattern of thinking and enhance your ability to sell ideas
  • Leverage experimentation and action to achieve results
  • Balance intuition and analysis to make better decisions
  • Navigate uncertainty and complexity more easily
  • Deal more effectively with organizational barriers
  • Improve your ability to execute your plans with more precision

Participation in this workshop helps organizations see how current methods of thinking, decision making and action are impeding their ability to grow. By providing tools that support new ways of working, leaders, managers and employees can work more collaboratively toward achieving growth goals.

I want to thank you again for putting on a fabulous Innovation Workshop.  I am getting email’s right and left about the workshop.  It is just awesome to watch how you motivated these folks.  I appreciate the partnership and look forward to working together again.

Heather H. Wilson

Former VP Innovation and Strategic Programs, Kaiser Permanente

Entrepreneurship as a Core Competency Workshop

Entrepreneurship as a Core Competency provides you with the tools to:

  • Build entrepreneurial leadership skills and capabilities
  • Embed corporate entrepreneurship and innovation into the culture
  • Encourage calculated risk-taking and improved decision making
  • Develop and enhance collaboration skills among stakeholders
  • Create new systems and processes to support innovation
  • Deploy resources against strategic investments
  • Develop growth metrics that work
  • Create new investments with value

Participating in this workshop will enable organizations to develop new processes and practices that more effectively determine the value and potential of new growth investments.

By getting participants to actively engage in entrepreneurial activities they develop the skills required to identify, select and develop ideas from concept through to implementation. Along the way they will develop the leadership skills needed to support and sustain new business growth in the organization.

The Entrepreneurial Workshops will demonstrate through action learning the transformation to a more entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure.

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