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Susan Foley
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As a former member of the National Speakers Association, Susan is a frequent speaker at conferences, associations and in corporations that want to deliver a thought provoking and insightful perspective on business in the 21st century.

Susan’s mission is to help organizations understand the value of corporate entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) to accelerating business growth in established organizations and to help individuals develop their entrepreneurial capabilities.



Living a Revenue CulturePodcast – June 7,2021

The “Living a Revenue Culture” podcast with Rick McPartlin, CEO of Revenue Science and Susan Foley the Founder of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC. This podcast brings together those who are committed to people-first, purpose driven organizations that transfer compelling value to others over the long-term. Recording: Click Here

Entrepreneurial Mindset Network – March 17, 2021

The Entrepreneurial Employee hosted by Paul Coyle, Director of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network with Susan Foley, Mart Kikas, and Freidl Christian.

Corporate Institute – A Point of Light Enterprise – January 2017, Washington, DC

Leading the Way: Mobilizing Your Corporate Entrepreneurs for Social Good

AWE – Advancing Women’s Excellence – April 14, 2016 Providence, RI
Intrapreneurship Conference 2015, Oct 2015 – The 6th Edition in New York, NY

Susan Foley – The Intrapreneurial Leader


Susan Foley – How to Measure, Understand and Develop Competencies for Corporate Entrepreneurship.

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Keynote – 2013 OD Network Annual Conference, San Jose, CA, Oct 2013
Women in Leadership Economic Forum, Shanghai, China 2013

OD Network Conference 2013 – Keynote Speakers



We were honored to have Susan Foley as one of keynotes at the 2013 Organization Development Network Annual Conference. She delivered an amazing keynote session and shared her expertise and research from the past 25 years of helping organizations build the Intrapreneurial competencies needed for organizational excellence. Susan was not only engaging, she also provided useful insights, methodologies and tools we could all take away and use immediately with our clients and at our organizations.
Yasmeen Oweiss Burns

Board Member, OD Network

Pre-conference Interview:  Read Interview


Your contribution has been a key driver of the forum’s success and we wish to share this moment of pride with you. I would also like to acknowledge our appreciation to you for taking time from your tight schedule to be a speaker.
Seda Akin

WIL Forum Production Manager

Susan Foley

Susan Foley

Managing Partner, Keynote Speaker

Susan Foley has been a pioneer in unraveling the mystery of what it takes to establish corporate entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) as a core competency inside of existing organizations.

Susan works effectively with senior management teams, innovation groups and individuals adapting her talk to the unique needs of each audience. Her work is grounded in research and real world experience.  She has helped Fortune 1000 companies generate millions in incremental revenue from new products, services and businesses.

Each speech is designed to educate and energize the audience about the value of entrepreneurship to their organization. Individuals are asked to rethink their current work practices and engage in healthy debates about the obstacles that are getting in their way.

Participants leave with a practical and realistic understanding of the fundamentals needed to support corporate entrepreneurship. Many leave these sessions transformed by the experience.


It’s Time for Mavericks – Circle of Change by Zara Larsen – Listen

Partial List of Speaking Engagements – Speeches

Topics of interest include:

  • Intrapreneurship – Entrepreneurship in the Corporate World
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship as a Core Competency
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership in a New Economy
  • Engaging Internal Entrepreneurs in Growth
  • Barriers and Obstacles to New Business Growth
  • Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth

Susan is the author of numerous articles published on Business Week Exchange and the book Entrepreneurs Inside: Accelerating Business Growth with Corporate Entrepreneurs. Recently she published an e-book Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth.

In addition to speaking Susan teaches Corporate Entrepreneurship in the leadership program at Babson Executive Education. She is also a fellow at the Center for Innovation and Change Leadership at Suffolk University where she is conducting research to explore in greater depth what organizations need to build and sustain entrepreneurship over time.

“An eye opening presentation that delivers on why corporate entrepreneurs are a key component to the future growth of our business, especially in an economic climate full of ambiguity and uncertainty.”
Thought provoking presentation on corporate entrepreneurship.”
As a serial corporate entrepreneur, everything Susan said resonated with.  Her talk was fascinating.”
Great content.  Many good questions stimulated by your presentation.”
Really liked thinking about myself as an entrepreneur, and then thinking about others in the organization with these skills.”
Susan did a good job of engaging the group in thinking about our own organizations.”
Fantastic presentation.  Very enlightening.”

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