Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™

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Social Intrapreneur Scorecard

Social Intraprenuers are redefining what it takes to develop innovations that have a social or environmental impact.  They are teaching us how to create social value while making money.

The emergence of social intrapreneurs is in response to rising expectations about the role of business in society.

Social Intrapreneurs are focused on driving social change and addressing unmet needs in the market that generate long term value for their organization and society.

Social Intrapreneurs are a different breed of leaders compared to regular executives.  It is no longer a question of whether your organization should embrace this new type of leader. You can’t afford not to.

The question is do you know who your social intrapreneurs are?

Our research and work with social intrapreneurs from around the world has unraveled the mystery of who these individuals are, what they do, how they do it and the impact they are having on business. The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™ was designed to decode who these individuals are and the best way to find them and empower them to lead us into the future.

There is something going on in the world of business – and this time, it’s positive.

The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™ is your own personalized GPS

The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™ provides an initial high level self-assessment of your Social Intrapreneurial capabilities.  It enables you to compare yourself with the attributes of intrapreneurial versus traditional leaders.  You can see for yourself if you are more traditional, intrapreneurial or a little of both.   Organizations need both types of leaders.   Which are you?

The scorecard provides a quick snapshot of the following:


Leadership Profile – More Traditional, Intrapreneurial or Both


Self-Rating of Competencies – Top Intrapreneurial Competencies


Leadership Success Factors - Mindset, Thinking, Decision Making and Action

The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™ was designed for individuals, organizations, and leaders who want to better understand their own intrapreneurial capabilities.  It helps you see for yourself what attributes and competences are critical for success.


The information provided by the Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™ is used in the following ways:

  • Individuals use the information to enhance their own growth and development.
  • Managers use it to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of their people.
  • Organizations use it to build innovation and entrepreneurial teams.
  • Executive’s use it as part of their leadership development programs.
  • Universities use it in their Executive Education, MBA and EMBA programs.

According to a study conducted at the University of Toronto, the most sought after professional for the 21st century economy are Intrapreneurs.  Isn’t it time you found out if you have what it takes!

The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™ helps you do just that.

The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard is available NOW!

When you purchase the Social Intrapreneur Scorecard in addition to receiving your own personalized Social Intrapreneur Scorecard you will get a copy of the Social Intrapreneur Scorecard Interpretation Guide.

The Interpretation Guide provides a description of each section of the scorecard.  It is designed to give you a better understanding of who social intrapreneurs are and how they think and act differently than more traditional employees. It also includes some worksheets you can use to develop an action plan for developing those capabilities you want to focus on developing further.

The Intrapreneur Scorecard is a high level assessment of your entrepreneurial orientation – it looks at how you approach work.  For a more comprehensive analysis you may want to look at the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile or Social Intrapreneur Profile.

Social Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report – Available 2023

The Social ntrapreneur Scorecard Team Report gives you a snapshot of your teams intrapreneurial orientation.  Not just what they do, why they do it that way. Teams that have a strong intrapreneurial orientation have demonstrated higher levels of productivity, employee engagement, innovativeness and financial performance.

The Team Report looks at the top competencies of successful intrapreneurs and the attributes, characteristics and influences that lead to intrapreneurial thinking and action.

The report looks at the competencies your team will need to succeed. Understanding customer and market needs. Knowing how to leverage resources in the organization. Creating new and innovative approaches. Dealing effectively with ambiguity and the unknown. Adapting to unexpected challenges and circumstances. Having strong emotional intelligence. These competencies set social intrapreneurs apart from their peers.

The report provides new insight into how your team approaches work – are they more traditional or intrapreneurial. How do they think, act and make decisions?  Do they have an entrepreneurial mindset?  How do they collect and process information?  Are they more analytical or intuitive?  What is their risk profile?  Are they action oriented?  More….

The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard Team Report provides a window into your teams intrapreneurial capabilities and helps individual team members see themselves compared to the team, enabling them to make course corrections as they move forward.

Keep you team running like a fine-tuned machine by understanding what’s working, what’s not and then closing the gaps.  Get the team report!

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What Beta Testers Said About The Social Intrapreneur Scorecard™

The scorecard enabled me to see myself in a new light.

It (scorecard) made me understand why and how I operate differently than some of my peers.

On the surface it looks simple but in reality it has a lot of dimensions to it.

The scorecard explained a lot of things about the way I approach work.

It is a useful guide for managing and leveraging your own unique capabilities.

Social innovators need to better understand themselves, the scorecard does that.

A tool that organizations need to use to empower their social intrapreneurs.

The scorecard provided valuable insight into how to be more effective at work.

Social Intrapreneur Scorecard Data Sheet 2022

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