The Social Intrapreneur Profile™

Social intrapreneurs are transforming big organizations from the inside out. Are you leveraging their strengths to drive change?

For these new types of leaders, success requires a new set of competencies. We help you measure, understand and develop these competencies: for yourself, your team and your organization.

For yourself

The Social Intrapreneur Profile™ helps you reflect upon personal effectiveness and professional development, and provides you with a benchmark with other social intrapreneurs.

For your team/organization

The Social Intrapreneur Profile™ helps you identify talent, build teams and foster growth by measuring, understanding and developing social intrapreneurship competencies.

the research

The Social Intrapreneur’s DNA Research Report provides deeper insight into the key behaviors and competencies needed to be successful as a social intrapreneur.

About Social Intrapreneurs

Social intrapreneurs are focused on driving social change and addressing unmet needs in the market that generate long term value for their organizations and society. They understand the role that business can play in contributing to society while still making money.

A rapidly growing number of people in the corporate world are leading their organizations towards embracing a new understanding of the very purpose of business. Social intrapreneurs are looking for ways their organizations can have a positive impact beyond profits only.

It’s a global movement of people, from C-level executives to recently hired graduates, who are committed to showing that business can do well and do good at the same time.

While the movement of social intrapreneurs is growing in size and impact, we’re far from reaching the tipping point where it has become the new normal. Many social intrapreneurs feel different from executives in more traditional roles, and have to pick and fight many battles in order to achieve their goals.

Social intrapreneurs are often creating something new, something that has never been done before. There are no roadmaps or guidebooks for them to follow.


We found that successful social intrapreneurs display a distinct set of competencies that enable them to be effective in turning unmet market needs into social innovations.

The Social Intrapreneur’s DNA Research Report provides deeper insight into the key behaviors and competencies needed to be successful as a social intrapreneur inside an established organization.

Competencies are a combination of skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are developed from experience. Social intrapreneurs:

  • Need to deal with complexity, ambiguity and the unknown
  • Need to be able to influence and negotiate effectively for ideas and concepts that many will find hard to comprehend
  • Must be decisive, take risks and stick out their neck
  • Are innovators and change agents that are politically savvy and influential

Our research included working with senior executives across a wide spectrum of industries in the United States, Europe and Asia. These individuals were responsible for their organizations social innovations, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability functions or other social and environmental initiatives.

Assessment Tool

Social intrapreneurs are different compared to most of their colleagues. But more than anything else, that is a strength to leverage.

We created a unique assessment tool measuring exactly the competencies displayed by successful social intrapreneurs.

The Social Intrapreneur Profile™ was developed from our research. It is a success profile for social intrapreneurs inside organizations.

We designed and developed the profile in collaboration with the Devine Group, (now OutMatch) a behavioral assessment vendor with over forty years of experience developing success profiles for specific job functions. Individual results are compared against a database of 10,000 profiles.

The Social Intrapreneur Profile™ includes a detailed 20+ page assessment of the top twenty competencies and thirty three behaviors of corporate entrepreneurs. The report is broken into three sections, competencies, behaviors and development.

According to the Devine Group, (now OutMatch) “Competency based assessments provide a means for building skills and knowledge people must have in order to perform their job well.”

The Devine Group (now OutMatch) has been recognized as one of the Top 10 HR Analytics Solution providers by HR Tech Outlook Magazine


Identifying and developing Social Intrapreneurs allows your organization to achieve higher productivity, increased engagement and better financial results.

Individuals, innovation groups and executives that take the profile are able to see for themselves what things may be getting in the way of being effective – as individuals, as a team and within the organization.
The Social Intrapreneur Profile is a competency based assessment that helps you build the capabilities that are needed to:
✓ Drive social innovations from ideas through to implementation
✓ Transform your culture to be more socially aware and responsible
✓ Motivate and engage employees to be more entrepreneurial
✓ Execute strategies that deliver both social and financial results
✓ Identify, develop and retain entrepreneurial talent

You’ll also be able to effectively:
✓ Identify, develop and retain entrepreneurial talent
✓ Develop and build social innovation teams

The Social Intrapreneur Profile™ is a must for any organization that takes sustainability and social innovation seriously. These organizations have already experienced the value of The Social Intrapreneur Profile™:

How We Can Help

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Discover how to activate the social intrapreneurs in your organization – join the movement for business to do well and do good!

You can’t manage what you don’t know. We help you measure, understand and develop the social intrapreneurship competency within your organization.

We’re ready to support you and your organization in making the invisible visible, the intangible tangible and the unthinkable possible.

Let’s discuss how we can help your team and organization develop social intrapreneurship as a core competency to accelerate business growth.

The team of Corporate Entrepreneurs, LLC led by Susan Foley has helped organizations develop new growth businesses that have generated millions of dollars for the last twenty five years.

Based on your current situation, needs and goals we will tailor a package that is right for you. In most projects, we offer a combination of:

  • Social Intrapreneur Profiles (reports and review sessions) for you or other leaders to set the organizational benchmark
  • Social Intrapreneur Profiles for team members, project groups and other stakeholders
  • Detailed team profile, and an in-depth analysis to find crucial areas for improvement
  • Benchmark sessions, consulting and coaching for embedding outcomes and delivering upon results

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  • On top of the insightful individual reports and review sessions, you’ll get clear and immediate insights into your team’s overall profile
  • Detailed Team Report
  • In-depth analysis to find crucial areas for improvement
  • Neatly and nicely presented for instant understanding

What Our Clients Are Saying

It’s a thought-provoking and highly informative tool. I now understand how I operate differently compared to most other executives, which helps a lot in driving my projects forward.

Group Head of Corporate Responsibility, leading pharmaceutical company

It was very useful. For the first time since long, I gave myself a break, stepped back for a moment and look at what I do. The profile feedback triggered thoughts of what I could do better and different, which was very helpful.

Business Development Executive

I have not seen a better tool for social intrapreneurs yet.

VP Innovation, global leader in Specialty Packaging

Susan’s research is fascinating and accurate.

Aspen Institute First Mover Fellow

The psychology and analysis is fascinating. You click a few times and you get a accurate outcome. It seems there’s a lot of thinking and data behind this, which is great!

Former VP, Finance, Energy Company

My boss used to say: I don’t really understand how you think and how I can support you. Not anymore!

Investment Manager, public-private partnership organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the profile?

Individuals, teams, and leaders responsible for social innovation, corporate responsibility, sustainability projects, philantrophy programs and other initiatives focused at social impact in the organization.

What is the value of using this tool?

Awareness is the key to understanding who you are, how you operate and what you need to do differently to be successful.

How is this assessment different from others?

This profile was designed and developed by social intrapreneurs who have been successful in this specific role. It is role specific, unlike other tools that are generic.

What is the best way to use the profile?

The profile can be used to gain understanding of your own competences, benchmarked against successful social intrapreneurs, and to support other individuals engaged in similar activities to increase their effectiveness and impact.

Any Questions?

If you would like to speak with Susan, prefer to order by e-mail or have specific requirements because of your organization’s invoicing policy, please contact us.