Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™

Innovation is the key driver of growth.

With leadership being the number 1 predictor of innovation results, do you know who’s best fit for leading innovation inside your organization?

We help you measure, understand and develop the competencies needed for corporate entrepreneurs to be successful: for yourself, your team and your organization.

About Corporate Entrepreneurs

The key to enhanced performance and innovation success is aligning the right individuals with your innovation goals. It is crucial to find, support and develop these innovators the best way possible. But do you know who they are?

Corporate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders are individuals inside established organizations responsible for building new businesses, products, services or processes that create value and generate new business growth.

Intrapreneurs are often creating something new, something that has never been done before. There are no roadmaps or guidebooks for them to follow.

They need to deal with complexity, ambiguity and the unknown. They need to be able to influence and negotiate effectively for ideas and concepts that many will find hard to comprehend. They must be decisive, take risks and stick out their necks. But often, they have the feeling they don’t speak the same language as many of the other leaders in your organization.


In most organizations corporate entrepreneurs are a hidden talent. The reason they are hidden is that there has been no way to spot them, but even once spotted, no way to support and develop them so that they can operate most effectively.

At the moment they understand what it takes to be successful and where they are currently, they are better able to leverage their strengths and deal more effectively with areas that need development. They make better choices and achieve results more effectively.

The good news? All this is possible. We can help you to identify these individuals, benchmark them against other corporate entrepreneurs and regular executives, and start having them focus on what matters in order to grow the business even more.


Corporate Entrepreneurs are leaders with a distinct set of competencies. Discover the Six Critical Competencies for Corporate Entrepreneurs in our free report


Successful innovation requires leaders with a distinct set of competencies.

The skills and capabilities that propelled most executives to the top of organizations are not the skills required to build new growth businesses. However most organizations do not yet recognize this difference or know who is best suited for leading innovation.

We worked with senior executives across a wide spectrum of industries that were responsible for building million and billion dollar businesses for their organizations, found the distinct set of competencies these leaders exhibited.

Top Six Competencies:

• Independent Thinking
• Navigating Uncertainty
• Engaged and Thriving
• Driving Change
• Leadership Effectiveness
• Execution

Assessment Tool

Corporate entrepreneurs aren’t your regular executives. The Corporate Entrepreneurs Profile™ helps you to support them in a way that leverages their strengths fully – it is a must-have in any organization’s “People” toolbox.

Here’s a screenshot from the actual report you’ll get:

The Devine Group (now OutMatch) has been recognized as one of the Top 10 HR Analytics Solution providers by HR Tech Outlook Magazine

We identified 17 competencies and 33 behaviors corporate entrepreneurs need to be effective and designed a unique assessment tool for them.

 The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ is a success profile. It looks at the critical behaviors and competencies of successful corporate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders.

  • Competencies needed to drive innovation from idea through to implementation.
  • Competencies that help transform your culture to be more entrepreneurial.
  • Competencies that motivate and engage your employees to be more productive.
  • Competencies that help you execute your strategies to get results.

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ also helps identify both the individual and organizational issues that get in the way of developing entrepreneurship. It highlights strengths, areas of opportunity, and it makes recommendations for future development.

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ includes a detailed 20+ report, broken into three sections, competencies, behaviors and development. It highlights strengths, areas of opportunity, and it makes recommendations for future development.

We designed and developed the profile in collaboration with the Devine Group, (now OutMatch) a behavioral assessment vendor with over forty years of experience developing success profiles for specific job functions. Individual results are compared against a database of 10,000 profiles.

According to the Devine Group, “Competency based assessments provide a means for building skills and knowledge people must have in order to perform their job well.”

How We Can Help

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You can’t manage what you don’t know. We help you measure, understand and develop the intrapreneurship competency within your organization.

We’re ready to support you and your organization in making the invisible visible, the intangible tangible and the unthinkable possible.

The team of Corporate Entrepreneurs, LLC led by Susan Foley has helped organizations develop new growth businesses that have generated millions of dollars for the last twenty five years.

Based on your current situation, needs and goals we will tailor a package that is right for you.

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  • On top of the insightful individual reports and review sessions, you’ll get clear and immediate insights into your team’s overall profile
  • Detailed Team Report
  • In-depth analysis to find crucial areas for improvement
  • Neatly and nicely presented for instant understanding


Identifying and developing corporate entrepreneurs allows your organization to achieve higher levels of productivity, increased engagement and better financial results.

Individuals, innovation groups and executives that take the profile are able to see if they have the competencies and behaviors needed to be an entrepreneur inside of an organization.

Organizations that identify and develop their internal entrepreneurs have achieved higher levels of productivity, engagement, innovation and financial returns.

How did previous clients use the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™?


  • Organizations use it to identify, develop and retain entrepreneurial talent.
  • Innovation leaders use it to develop and build innovation teams.
  • Executives use it as part of their leadership development programs.
  • Individuals use it to enhance and develop their own entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • Human capital leaders use it for talent management and workforce planning.
  • Universities use it as part of the Executive Education, MBA and EMBA programs.

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ Data Sheet 2020  Download Now

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ has been used by individuals and teams in organizations like:

What Our Clients Are Saying

After having professional experience in small companies and in the self-employment field, I was hired by a large international corporation. Moving from a non-structured and constantly changing business environment to a big structured organisation can be quite difficult and confusing. By taking the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ assessment and analysing my report it was clear to me that I could succeed in the corporate environment by utilizing my intrapreneurial abilities. The most useful part of the report was the growth and development review which pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. Based on this and with Susan’s help, I have designed a development plan that is vital in pursuing my career goals.

Consultant on European Funding Programs, PwC

Susan Foley helped to open the eyes of our organization on how to identify, nurture and leverage Intrapreneurs within our organization so that we can lead through the ever changing market conditions. There’s no question – we have to do business in a new way and different way going forward.  The tools and information shared by Susan will help us do that.

Director of Sales and Field Operations, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Johnson & Johnson

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile helped our innovation team understand what they needed to change to be more effective with our business partners. Since then we have successfully launched a number of innovations with our business partners.

Chief Innovation Officer, Consumer Products

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile gave me a deeper insight and more accurate assessment of my competencies than what I had learned at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Executive, Medical Device

I absolutely loved having my profile results, and I found it very helpful in formulating the “next entrepreneurial creation” of my career.

Chief Investment Officer, Financial Services

I look at my Corporate Entrepreneur Profile before every meeting to prepare myself so I can leverage my strengths and minimize my weaknesses.

CEO, Entrepreneurial Startup

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use the profile?

The profile can be used to develop your most entrepreneurial talent and increase their effectiveness.

How is this assessment different from others?

This profile was designed and developed by Intrapreneurs who have been successful in this specific role. It is role specific, unlike other tools that are generic.

What is the value of using this tool?

Awareness is the key to understanding who you are, how you operate and what you need to do differently to be successful.

Who should take the profile?

Individuals, teams, and leaders responsible for innovation or new business growth initiatives in the organization.

Any Questions?

If you would like to speak with Susan, prefer to order by e-mail or have specific requirements because of your organization’s invoicing policy, please contact us.