Intrapreneurial Success Profiles

Corporate Entrepreneur and Social Intrapreneur Profiles


The key predictor of innovation success is leadership – intrapreneurial leadership.
Traditional leadership factors are no longer enough in a world that is full of ambiguity, uncertainty and the unknown.

The challenge is finding the right mix of competencies and behaviors that enable leaders to be effective in this role.  They must operate effectively in the core business at the same time they are building new ones.

Ones that create value and generate new business growth.

Global Intrapreneurial Success Profile Research

Although the terms corporate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and social intrapreneurs had been around for decades. There had been no research or empirical data to help identify these leaders, so we set out to find them.  We identified a group of executives from around the globe and across industry sectors that had successfully built million and billion dollar businesses for their organizations.

They told us that their organizations did not understand them or appreciate them for what they did or how they did it.  They were eager to help us because they wanted their organizations to understand what it took to be an entrepreneur or intrapreneurial leader inside an established company.

These leaders inspired us with their stories and provided an in-depth analysis of what it takes to succeed in these roles. They helped us open the door to a new type of leader.

Our pioneering research has unraveled the mystery of who these individuals are and the leadership competencies they need to succeed.

Intrapreneurial Success Profiles™ are the key to your success.
Success Profiles are benchmarks used to identify individuals for specific roles.  They help predict who is best suited for a particular role. A success profile reflects the unique requirements a leader will need and that requires an in-depth understanding of the nuances that separate these leaders from their peers.
Success profiles provide a comprehensive picture of the following:

Competencies – Critical Capabilities for Leaders


Behaviors – Prioritized and Organized by Importance


Development - Description of Terms and Growth Needs


Action Plans - Next Steps to Success

The Intrapreneurial Success Profiles™ were designed for individuals, organizations, and leaders who want to identify and develop their intrapreneurial leadership capabilities. It helps you see for yourself what attributes and competences are critical for success.

Do you have what it takes to be an intrapreneurial leader?


Corporate Entrepreneur Profile
Corporate Entrepreneurs (Intrapreneurs) are individuals inside of established organizations responsible for building new businesses, products, services or processes that create value and generate revenue growth.

They have a unique combination of competencies. We identified 17 competencies and 33 behaviors corporate entrepreneurs need to be effective in this role.

Identifying and developing corporate entrepreneurs allows your organization to achieve higher levels of productivity, innovation, increased engagement and better financial growth.   More Details

Social Intrapreneur Profile
Social Intrapreneurs are focused on driving social change and addressing unmet needs in the market that generate long term value for the organization and society.

They have a distinct set of competencies that enable them to be effective in turning unmet needs into social innovations.We identified 20 competencies and 33 behaviors social intrapreneurs need to be effective in this role.

Social Intrapreneurs understand the role business can play in contributing to society while still making money.  More Details.

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile and Social Intrapreneur Profile provide a comprehensive analysis of the behaviors and competencies of successful leaders in these roles.  The Intrapreneur Scorecard and Social Intrapreneur Scorecard is a subset of the top competencies and provides a high level assessment of your intrapreneurial orientation toward these roles.
What Our Clients Are Saying About The Success Profiles.
The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile helped our innovation team understand what they needed to change to be more effective with our business partners.  Since then we have successfully launched a number of innovations with them.

Chief Innovation Officer, Consumer Products

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile gave me a deeper insight and more accurate assessment of my competencies than what I learned at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Executive, Medical Device

I absolutely loved my profile results, and I found it very helpful in formulating the next entrepreneurial creation of my career.

Chief Investment Officer, Financial Services

The Social Intrapreneur Profile is a thought-provoking and highly informative tool. I now understand how I operate differently compared to most other executives, which helps a lot in driving my projects forward.

Group Head Corporate Responsibility, Pharma

The psychology and analysis is fascinating.  You click a few times and you get an accurate outcome. It seems there’s a lot of thinking and data behind this, which is great.

Vice President, Energy Company


Susan’s research is fascinating and accurate.

Aspen Institute, First Mover Fellow

I have not seen a better tool for social intrapreneurs yet.

Vice President, Innovation Specialty Packaging

The most useful part of the report was the growth and development review.

Management Consultant, European Funding Programs

* The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ or Social Intrapreneur Profilecan be customized to the unique requirements of your organization.

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