Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC works with your organization to become more entrepreneurial so you can accelerate new business growth.

Investing in the right areas requires more than rigorous analysis, it requires having the right people to lead your growth initiatives and the right operating framework to support and sustain them.

Our products and services enable you to quickly assess the situation and take action:

Social Intrapreneur Profile – to identify and develop social innovators

SI JpegSocial intrapreneurs are focused on driving change and addressing unmet needs in the marketplace that generate long term value for their organization and society. They understand the role that business can play in contributing to society while still making money. The Social Intrapreneur Profile is an assessment tool that helps you identify and develop this valuable resource.  Read more.


Intrapreneur Scorecard – to assess your own intrapreneurial orientation

IS Page 1Intrapreneurs possess a unique combination of capabilities that distinguish them from traditional employees. The Intrapreneur Scorecard enables you to compare yourself with the attributes of intrapreneurial versus traditional leaders.  You can see for yourself if you are more traditional, intrapreneurial or a little of both.  Read More


Corporate Entrepreneur Profile – to identify and develop internal entrepreneurs

CE Profile (2)The skills and capabilities that propelled most executives to the top of organizations in the past are not the skills required to build new growth businesses. The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile looks at the critical behaviors and competencies that internal entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders need to be successful. Read More


Entrepreneurial Audit – to align systems and processes for growth.

Audit 2014Rigid operational processes and inflexible systems are impeding the ability of many organizations to compete successfully. The Entrepreneurial Audit is designed to assess the level of corporate entrepreneurship in your organization and help you understand the barriers and obstacles that are getting in the way. Read More



Entrepreneurship Workshops – to develop entrepreneurship as a core competency

WorkshopToday’s organizations are being pressed to navigate uncharted territory.  The Entrepreneurship Workshops help you see how current methods of thinking, decision making and action are impeding your ability to grow. Then we actively engage you in the entrepreneurial process to develop the skills and capabilities you need to succeed. Read More  


Speaking Engagements – to engage and inspire the organization to grow

Guest SpeakerEach speech is designed to educate and energize the audience about the value of entrepreneurship to the ongoing growth of their organization.  Participants leave with a practical and realistic understanding of the fundamental practices needed to develop corporate entrepreneurship as a core competency. Read More 

We partner with you to create the entrepreneurial mindset and infrastructure to accelerate growth.

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