Entrepreneurial Insights and Lessons Learned

Entrepreneurial Insights and Lessons Learned

A group of experienced corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders across a diverse set of industries participated in the development of the book, Entrepreneurs Inside.entreinsidesmall

They were senior executives responsible for building million and billion dollar businesses in their organizations.

They inspired me with their stories and encouraged me to write a book.  They said they wanted their organizations to understand what it was like being an entrepreneur inside of an existing organization.

These are their insights and lessons learned.

Entrepreneurs Inside: Insights and Lessons Learned.

  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the challenges these individuals faced.
  • Understand how they dealt with the obstacles they encountered.
  • See how they leveraged the resources of the company to their advantage.
  • Look at what it meant and how it felt to be an entrepreneur inside.

These insights are taken from the book Entrepreneurs Inside and organized by chapter.

Entrepreneurial Insights and Lessons Learned

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