Entrepreneurial Audit Brochure

Assessing Your Organizations Entrepreneurial Orientation

The Entrepreneurial Audit is designed to assess the level of entrepreneurship in your organization, determine how innovative you are and what it takes to accelerate new business growth.

Entrepreneurship is the key to Innovation growth.  Ask yourself….

  • Is your strategy aligned with metrics that foster or impede growth?
  • Do you have the entrepreneurial leaders needed for success?
  • Which systems and processes are getting in your way?
  • Are your people and your culture resisting change?
  • Are you getting the return you want on your growth investments?

To learn more about the Entrepreneurial Audit and what it does click on: Audit

This document looks at why you should take the Entrepreneurial Audit.

The Entrepreneurial Audit provides an effective way to assess the level of entrepreneurship in your organization.  It looks at the specific dimensions of your organization that enable and support entrepreneurship in established organizations. This document will help you decide if an entrepreneurial audit is right for you and your organization.

Entrepreneurial Audit Brochure

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