Innovation is the key driver of growth but it is intrapreneurs that are the ones that help you achieve that growth.

Corporate entrepreneurs are individuals inside established organizations responsible for building new businesses, products, services or processes that create value and generate new business growth. With innovation being the number one focus for CEO’s across industries, its key to find, support and develop these innovators. But do you know who they are?

  • Who are the entrepreneurs inside your organization?
  • What are the competencies they need to accelerate growth?
  • How are you leveraging this untapped potential?

Our research has shown that entrepreneurial leaders require a new set of competencies that distinguish them from traditional leaders.

Working with virtual screenThe skills and capabilities that propelled most executives to the top of organizations in the past are not the skills required to build new growth businesses today. Yet most organizations do not know who these entrepreneurs are, why they are different, or even why it is important.  We do!

We worked with senior executives across a wide spectrum of industries that were responsible for building million and billion dollar businesses for their organizations. Each of these individuals exhibited behaviors and competencies that set them apart from their peers.

CE-Logos-02The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ was developed from this research with the help and support of these executives.  It is a success profile for corporate entrepreneurs – innovators, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders.

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ provides an in-depth analysis of your entrepreneurial capabilities.  It looks at the critical behaviors and competencies of successful corporate entrepreneurs. We identified 17 competencies and 33 behaviors corporate entrepreneurs need to be effective.

Chief Business ArchitectIndividuals, innovation groups and executives that take the profile are able to see if they have the competencies and behaviors needed to be an entrepreneur inside of an organization. Organizations that have identified and developed their internal entrepreneurs have achieved higher levels of productivity, engagement, innovation and financial returns.

The Corporate Entrepreneurial Profile™ helps identify both the individual and organizational issues that get in the way of developing entrepreneurship. It highlights strengths, areas of opportunity, and makes recommendations for future development.

It’s like a GPS for your innovation journey!


Here’s a screenshot from the actual report you’ll get:

CE Profile (2)The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ includes a detailed 20+ page assessment of the top seventeen competencies and thirty three behaviors of corporate entrepreneurs.

The report is broken into three sections, competencies, behaviors and development.

We work with you to interpret the results and outline steps moving forward.

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile is a competency based assessment that helps you build the capabilities that are needed to:

  • Drive innovation from idea through to implementation.
  • Transform your culture to be more entrepreneurial.
  • Motivate and energize your employees to be more engaged.
  • Execute your strategies to get results.

We designed and developed the profile in collaboration with The Devine Group who validated that corporate entrepreneurs are a in fact a distinct group of individuals. We then compared the results to traditional leaders to establish a benchmark.  The results are compared against a database of 10,000 profiles. Corporate entrepreneurs deliver results.


How did previous clients use the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile?

  • Organizations use it to identify, develop and retain entrepreneurial talent.
  • Innovation leaders use it to develop and build innovation teams.
  • Executives use it as part of their leadership development programs.
  • Individuals use it to enhance and develop their own entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • Human capital leaders use it for talent management and workforce planning.
  • Universities use it as part of the Executive Education, MBA and EMBA programs.


The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ has been used by individuals and teams in organizations like:

CEP Companies 1.1


Here is what they are saying about the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™:

“I applaud your innovation in developing a tool that can be used to hire corporate innovators/entrepreneurs and successfully marry talent with criteria for success.”

“I absolutely loved having my profile results, and I found it very helpful in formulating the “next entrepreneurial creation” of my career.”

“The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ gave me a deeper insight and more accurate assessment of my competencies than what I had learned at the Center for Creative Leadership.”

“I look at my Corporate Entrepreneur Profile before every meeting to prepare myself so I can leverage my strengths and minimize my weaknesses.”

“The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile helped our innovation team understand what they needed to change to be more effective with our business partners. Since then we have successfully launched a number of innovations with our business partners.”


We’re ready to support you and your organization in making the invisible, the intangible and the unthinkable possible.

We’re on a mission to support corporate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders with the best individual and team assessment tool on the market, so we’re glad to help!

Let us know who you’d liked to use the profile? It is available as:

  • Individual Profile Report
  • Team Comparisons
  • 360 Degree Profile
  • Culture Report
  • Customized Profile
  • Benchmark

If you’re not sure, why not go through your situation and we can decide together?
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Let us help you activate this critical resource and the engine of growth that they represent.


Lessons LearnedEntrepreneurial Insights and Lessons Learned

Look inside the world of corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders.  Gain a deeper appreciation for the challenges these individuals faced inside their organizations.  These are their insights and lessons learned.

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CEP - Key CompetenciesCorporate Entrepreneur Profile™ Brochure

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ Brochure provides an overview of the top entrepreneurial competencies for intrapreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders.

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CE-4x6Intrapreneur Scorecard™ 

Are you interested in getting a quick high level assessment of your entrepreneurial capabilities before taking the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile?  Check out the Intrapreneur Scorecard™.

If you then decide to take the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ we will give you a partial credit.


The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile™ Data Sheet 2015 – Download Data Sheet


Discover how to activate the intrapreneurs inside your organization – it’s crucial now more than ever before.