Intrapreneurs – Who, What, How and Why | LAUNCH TEAM

A launch team is a group of individuals interested in helping promote a new book.

Launch Team Agreement:

You will be asked to do the following 4 things:

  1. REVIEW an abbreviated version of the book (PDF) and write a review and send a copy to me. (We will select a few reviews to include in the paperback version.)
  2. BUY the Kindle book on Amazon on the days it is offered for FREE. (Don’t click on ‘Read for Free’ or it will not count as a verified purchase.) Then download a Free copy of the entire book.
  3. FLIP through the book (so Amazon knows you read it) then wait a few hours.
  4. POST your review on Amazon (our goal is to get as many 5-star reviews as possible.)


In return for doing these 4 things we will give you a coupon for a FREE Intrapreneur Scorecard.


The goal is to get a 100 verified reviews when the book is launched. It would be great to get as many Intrapreneurs as possible to review the book.

This is a book that promotes Intrapreneurs and the value they bring to organizations.

When you sign up to be a member of the launch team we will provide a list of resources and dates to make it as easy as possible for you to participate.


  1. How to purchase the book and upload your review.
  2. How to read a Kindle book without a Kindle.
  3. Updated schedule for pre-launch and launch week.

The book is a collection of articles from our website organized into categories that represent different dimensions and aspects of being an Intrapreneur. So….

If you are a regular reader and have enjoyed or found inspiration from these articles you can send a review (#1 above) without reading the abbreviated version. Be sure to include your full name and title. BUT don’t forget to also sign-up to the Launch Team.

Thank you for your support! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Managing Partner
Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC

Sign-up and download an abbreviated copy of Intrapreneurs -WWHW

Launch Team