Acceleration - Changing the Speed of Growth

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Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth

​Acceleration is a key ingredient to developing new innovations, generating business growth, and achieving a competitive advantage.

The rapid pace of change makes acceleration a critical part of everything we do.

Like a runner, it is not enough to be running fast, we must be running faster over time. The same is true with organizations – they need to be moving faster in a world that is increasingly more complex and uncertain.

Acceleration – Changing the Speed of Growth is about intrapreneurs and leaders that possess a core set of action oriented competencies that enable them to successfully build new ventures inside of established organizations.

Intrapreneurs are driving change and transforming business in the 21st century.

Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth provides a roadmap for understanding what it takes to develop corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) as a core competency inside of existing organizations to accelerate new business growth.

The skills and capabilities that propelled most executives to the top of organizations in the past are not the skills required to build new businesses. Intrapreneurs and intrapreneurial leaders require a new set of competencies that distinguish them from traditional leaders. They are a distinct group of individuals.

It is not one or two competencies that distinguish them.  It is the depth and breadth of those competencies that set them apart.

In the book Acceleration we look at the top six competencies and why they are important.

Acceleration is a must read! If you ever wanted to develop a culture of Intrapreneurship, pick up this e-book.  Organizations need to build a culture where entrepreneurship thrives and every employee can leverage their ideas.  Susan Foley does an excellent job of describing the traits of corporate entrepreneurs by drawing on cases from Bill Gates, to Thomas Edison and even Leonardo da Vinci.

Kevin Desouza

Professor of Business, Technology and Strategy Management at OUT Business School and, Author, Intrapreneurship: Managing Ideas Within Your Organization

Video by Kevin J. Wright
Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneur


There are several goals for this book:

  • Enable you to understand if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Assist you in identifying and developing entrepreneurs
  • Provide you with ways to eliminate barriers and obstacles
  • Help you create an environment where entrepreneurship can thrive.

Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth provides an insider’s view of corporate entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship and what it takes to accelerate growth in a rapidly changing world.

Blueprint for Success

Organizations that want to increase the speed in which they respond to change and achieve business growth need to develop Intrapreneurship as a core competency – in their people and their organization.

The focus of Acceleration is on exploring the key competencies your people and organization need to succeed.

A shortage of entrepreneurial leaders at the top of organizations and the inability of many organizations to respond effectively to a rapidly changing world is making Intrapreneurship a critical priority for all organizations.

Those organizations that have developed intrapreneurship as a core competency have been able to achieve higher levels of engagement, innovation, growth and profitability.

The key is developing the intrapreneurial leadership and infrastructure for growth.

It’s more ART than Science!

Get the book today and see for yourself if you have the competencies needed to be successful in this role.