Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why

Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why explores the world of Intrapreneurs. Who they are, what they do, how they do it and why it is important?

Intrapreneurs are needed more than ever in a world that has become more complex and uncertain. But do you know who they are?

We have spent the last two decades working with Intrapreneurs to understand who they are at the core and what they need to be successful.

The book is based on data we have collected while working with Intrapreneurs from around the world. As well, as the research that we have conducted to better understand the nuance and differences that distinguish intrapreneurs from others.

Readers will gain a better understanding of Intrapreneurs and how they are leading their organizations into the future. Intrapreneurs: WWHW – Read More


Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why is a thorough and revealing exploration of Intrapreneurship – what it is, and why it has become so important to fueling a companies innovation growth.

Maryann Murphy

Author of Stop Wasting Your Precious Time

Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth

Acceleration provides a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a corporate entrepreneur inside of an existing organization.

This is Part 1: Activation which looks at the entrepreneurs and leaders that possess a core set of action oriented competencies that enable them to help their organizations accelerate growth.

Corporate entrepreneurs are a distinct group of individuals that possess a unique combination of competencies that set them apart from their peers.

Acceleration looks at who they are, why they are different and why they are important. It describes how they think, act and make decisions. It provides the context for understanding why corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders are needed more than ever. It is available in paperback and Kindle.

Readers will gain a better understanding what it takes to generate new business growth in an environment full of ambiguity, uncertainty and the unknown.  Acceleration – Read More….


Acceleration is a must read! If you ever wanted to develop a culture of Intrapreneurship, pick up this e-book. Susan Foley does an excellent job of describing the traits of corporate entrepreneurs by drawing on cases from Bill Gates to Thomas Edison and even, Leonardo da Vinci.

Kevin DeSouza

Author of Intrapreneurship, Professor, QUT Business School

Entrepreneurs Inside: Accelerating Business Growth with Corporate Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Inside explores the challenges and opportunities of developing corporate entrepreneurship as a core competency. It provides an insiders view of what it takes to be an corporate entrepreneur inside of an existing organization.

Entrepreneurs Inside describes the competencies of successful corporate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders.  It looks at the obstacles and hidden barriers that get in their way.  The discipline that is required to succeed.  The systems and process that need to be changed.  The challenges of dealing with resistance to change.  The failure to execute successfully. And more……

If you are an executive trying to integrate the entrepreneurial spirit into your organization, this book will help you understand how to do that.  If you are a professional who is unsure whether you are a corporate entrepreneur, you will gain better insight into the attributes of corporate entrepreneurs.

The book provides a practical and realistic view of corporate entrepreneurship, innovation and growth. Entrepreneurs Inside – Read More…

Entrepreneurs Inside is written for CEO’s and other senior executives who are placing ever stronger emphasis on top-line growth and who believe that innovation sparked by in-house entrepreneurs is a powerful means of achieving that growth.

Ken Lizotte

Author, The Expert Edge

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Books on Intrapreneurship and Corporate Entrepreneurs

Kevin J. Wright
Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneur

Corporate Entrepreneur Profile Brochure

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile Brochure looks at the top competencies and capabilities that corporate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders need to be effective and successful in this role.

It is an abbreviated version of Chapter 3: Entrepreneurial Competencies from the book Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth.

To learn more about the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile go to: Corporate Entrepreneur Profile.

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Social Intrapreneurs DNA: Research Report

A social intrapreneur is an entrepreneur inside an existing organization that is creating innovations that have a social or environmental impact.  They understand the role that business can play in contributing to society while still making money.  We wanted to get a deeper understanding of who these individuals were and how they were different.

We worked with senior executives in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America.  These individuals were responsible for their organizations social innovations, corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts or social initiatives. We found that these individuals exhibited behaviors and competencies and behaviors that set them apart from their peers.

This report provides deeper insight into what it takes to be a social intrapreneur inside an existing organization.


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Entrepreneurial Audit Brochure:

Assessing Your Organizations Entrepreneurial Orientation 2019

The Entrepreneurial Audit: Assessing Your Organizations Entrepreneurial Orientation helps you understand the value of using an assessment to evaluate how innovative and entrepreneurial your organization is and what barriers are getting in the way.

Corporate entrepreneurship sets the context for innovation by building the infrastructure needed to support and sustain innovation over time. The audit  looks at the key dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship: people, process and place and the alignment of strategic intent with outcomes. Organizations that take the Entrepreneurial Audit get a deeper understanding of the elements that promote and impede growth in their organization.

This document provides insight into what the Entrepreneurial Audit is, how it is different and why it is important.

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