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Clients will be most successful with us if they have some of the following characteristics.

  • Open to change
  • Willing to take risks and break rules to get things accomplished
  • Good communicators who build bridges across boundaries
  • Understand the value of team work and team building
  • Willing to make difficult decisions that may not be popular
  • Personally committed to the success of the project
  • Demonstrate the commitment by actively supporting the initiative
  • Embrace the value of “plan your work, work your plan”
  • Are results driven and committed to getting things done

We integrate strategy and implementation through experiential learning.

Susan Foley helped to open the eyes of our organization on how to identify, nurture and leverage Intrapreneurs within our organization so that we can lead through the ever changing market conditions. There’s no question – we have to do business in a new way and different way going forward.  The tools and information shared by Susan will help us do that.

Ryan Messer

Director of Sales and Field Operations, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Johnson & Johnson

I want to thank you again for putting on a fabulous Innovation Workshop.  I am getting email’s right and left about the workshop.  It is just awesome to watch how you motivated these folks.  I appreciate the partnership and look forward to working together again.

Heather H. Wilson

Former VP Innovation and Strategic Programs, Kaiser Permanente

The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile


“The Corporate Entrepreneur Profile helped our innovation team understand what they needed to change to be more effective with our business partners. Since then we have successfully launched a number of innovations with our business partners.”

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The Intrapreneur Scorecard


“If you want to validate and develop your own intrapreneurial competencies.  I recommend that you start with the Intrapreneur Scorecard.”

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Social Intrapreneur's DNA


The Social Intrapreneur’s DNA Research Report provides deeper insight into the key behaviors and competencies needed to be successful as a social intrapreneur inside an established organization.

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Entrepreneurs Inside


“Entrepreneurs Inside is written for CEO’s and other senior executives who are placing ever-stronger emphasis on top-line growth and who believe that innovation sparked by in-house entrepreneurs is a powerful means of achieving that growth.”

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Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth


“Acceleration is a must read! If you ever wanted to develop a culture of Intrapreneurship, pick up this e-book.  Organizations need to build a culture where entrepreneurship thrives and every employee can leverage their ideas.  Susan Foley does an excellent job of describing the traits of corporate entrepreneurs by drawing on cases from Bill Gates, to Thomas Edison and even Leonardo da Vinci.”

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