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Corporate Entrepreneurs

Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC works with organizations to accelerate new business growth by helping them build corporate entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) as a core competency.

We work with business executives that understand that creating new business ventures inside their organization demands new skills, new processes and an environment that can support and sustain growth over time.

The company has experience in the consumer products, financial services, insurance, health care, biotech, professional services, education and information services markets.  Our expertise is in Corporate Entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship).  More on Corporate Entrepreneurship


Our client engagements include assignments to:


Identify and develop entrepreneurial leaders


Build entrepreneurial skills and capabilities


Identify and eliminate barriers to growth


Create new systems and processes to support entrepreneurship


Engage the organization in understanding the value of entrepreneurship


Transform traditional organizations to entrepreneurial ones
We’ve helped organizations design, build and grow businesses that are realistic and can be executed with precision to:

  • Minimize investment risks
  • Increase success rates
  • Leverage critical resources
  • Retain entrepreneurial talent
  • Accelerate new business growth

We partner with you to create the entrepreneurial mindset and infrastructure needed for success.

We have the entrepreneurial leadership experience to help your organization accelerate new business growth.

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