The “Living a Revenue Culture” podcast goes live June 7th with Rick McPartlin, CEO of The Revenue Game and Susan Foley the Founder of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC.

Rick McPartlin founded The Revenue Game® and developed Revenue Science™ to help companies focus on the business survival criteria to continually grow sales and profits.

Susan has been a pioneer in defining the nuances of what it takes and how to be an entrepreneur in the culture of an ongoing enterprise.

This podcast looks at the intersection of intrapreneurship and revenue science.

The podcast will be available on your favorite podcast service and at The Revenue Culture Podcast.  Available Now – Check it out.

This twice per month series serves for-profit purpose driven organizations and employees who know profitable revenue equals survival in a meaningful place to work.

This Revenue Science™ based podcast brings together those who are committed to people-first, purpose driven organizations that transfer compelling value to others over the long-term.

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