In 2017 readers were looking to dig deeper into the nuances of intrapreneurs and leaders. Not only looking for insight into what they do, but how they do it and why it is important. The selection of articles also reflect a growing interest from Intrapreneurs themselves in understanding the role of the intrapreneur and the challenges of being a leader in established organizations.

We know that Intrapreneurs are having an impact and these articles help articulate the reasons why and how they are making a difference.

These are the 10 most read intrapreneur articles in 2017.

  1. Growing Need for Intrapreneurial Leaders
  2. Key Distinction – Traditional vs Intrapreneurial Leaders
  3. Are Intrapreneurs the New Silver Bullet for Organizations
  4. 20 Insights from Successful Intrapreneurs
  5. Impact of Intrapreneurs on Organizations
  6. 12 Ways Intrapreneurs Build Entrepreneurial Muscle
  7. Intrapreneurs the Road Less Traveled
  8. Adoption of Intrapreneurship – Crossing the Chasm
  9. Time for Intrapreneurs to Step up and Lead
  10. The Path from Ordinary to Extraordinary

In addition we found that new readers were more interested in many of the articles that were part of our blog posting of the most read articles in 2016.  We will not list those articles here but refer you to that blog posting 10 Most Read Articles in 2016.  Interest in 8 of those articles reflects a growing desire from new readers to better understand the following questions based on their search criteria:

  • What is corporate entrepreneurship?
  • Importance of intrapreneurship?
  • Who is a corporate entrepreneur?
  • Need for corporate entrepreneurship?
  • Challenges of intrapreneurship?
  • Competencies of intrapreneurs?
  • Role of managers in corporate entrepreneurship?

What does this tell us about the state of intrapreneurship – a lot? It tells us that more and more organizations are exploring intrapreneurship. That organizations already engaged in developing intrapreneurship are looking for answers to some of their most pressing issues.  Foremost among them is their need to find and develop entrepreneurial talent.

We know that talent alone is not enough but it is a critical component.  One that is often overlooked or an afterthought.  Now that many economies around the world are picking up steam we will begin to see the most intrapreneurial talent move to more challenging opportunities. This is putting a spotlight on intrapreneurs. The pressure to attract and hire intrapreneurial talent will become more competitive.  The value of the organization will be reflected in the people they hire and the leaders that they develop.  Talent will be the key differentiator.

What does this choice in articles tell us about Intrapreneurs – a lot – as well? Intrapreneurs are gaining more competence and confidence in their ability to innovate, create value and drive change.  They are avid learners and latch on to things that provide insight into the challenges of being an intrapreneur as well as the tools they can use to navigate this role. They also recognize that they must often travel this road alone.  They must have courage to face adversity and failure. That learning by doing is the key to success even when their actions are not sanctioned by the organization. That having an impact can be subtle and long lasting.

Intrapreneurs are showing us their commitment and dedication to the role. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make a contribution and add value to business and society.  They want to know as much as they can about other intrapreneurs and what they’ve done to be successful.  More importantly they want to know more about themselves.  What do they do well and what do they need to learn?  They are learning to lead by being a leader and not waiting for the organization to give them a title. They are impatient and hungry to be more, do more and show the organization the way forward.

The book “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell talks about the point when things shift because of a movement towards something that has reached a critical juncture. I believe that we are reaching that point with Intrapreneurship.  In his book Gladwell describes three factors that determine whether a trend “tips” into wide scale popularity – The Law of the Few, The Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. Ask yourself if you think we have reached the ‘tipping point” with Intrapreneurship.

Although all of our blog articles are focused on the people side of Intrapreneurship – intrapreneurs and leaders.  They are intended to address questions and concerns from anyone interested in understanding the role of intrapreneurs and what they do to make Intrapreneurship successful. We understand what it takes to be an intrapreneur inside an organization – we’ve done it.  Now we are helping intrapreneurs do it for themselves.

Not only do intrapreneurs address the talent and leadership shortage facing most organizations today, they are helping build new cultures that are needed to drive change and transform organizations. Two of the three key elements needed for Intrapreneurship to be successful and sustainable over time – people and culture.  We leave the question of – process – to others more versed in these areas. In the last year we have seen a proliferation of individuals and organizations that are helping companies build Intrapreneurship as a process. But…

It is the people – the intrapreneurs – that are making it successful and sustainable over time.  They are a select group of dedicated individuals – the law of the few – that have stayed the course over time.  They have provided – the stickiness – that is needed to make product ideas happen and stick.  They have shown us the – power of context – by creating communities and environments that foster and enable intrapreneurship.  All of the elements that create ‘a tipping point’.

It is time for organizations to recognize that Intrapreneurship is here to stay because Intrapreneurs are here to stay.

Only time will tell if we’ve reached the tipping point when it comes to Intrapreneurship but if it is left up to intrapreneurs it won’t be long before we do.

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