As the demand for social intrapreneurs increases organizations will be faced with identifying the right individuals for this position. It takes a unique combination of competencies to be effective and successful in this role.

It’s not just about what they do but who they are and how they behave that distinguish them from more traditional business leaders.   There is spark inside them that is at the very core of who they are. They are excited about doing meaningful work. It’s what drives them, keeps them engaged and what attracts other people to them. They are authentic, resilient, empathic, savvy and self-aware.

How will you find the social intrapreneurs in your organization?

Skills and competencies are often used interchangeably but they are different. A skill refers to those abilities that you are able to do while a competency refers to having an advanced ability. Competencies are a combination of skills, knowledge, behaviors which are developed from experience. A competence is shown in action.

Social intrapreneurs are a different breed of leader compared to regular executives. It is not an official position and so you will find social intrapreneurs in all realms, functions and levels of an organization: corporate responsibility, sustainability, innovation, business management or staff functions. It’s their beliefs and aspirations that unite this highly diverse group of leaders.

Millennials have many of the characteristics needed to be social intrapreneurs. They may not have the depth of experience but they clearly have the potential, the desire and the motivation. Organizations need to identify them early and give them the opportunity to develop the competencies they will need to excel in this role. If they don’t some other organization will. This is a unique role and demand for social intrapreneurs will only increase over time.
That’s why we’ve created a benchmark of successful social intrapreneurs so that you can jump start your efforts to identify and develop your social intrapreneurs.

A benchmark is a standard of excellence and achievement against which similar things must be measured or judged.

We worked with leaders from more than 50 organizations like GlaxoSmithKline, Alcatel-Lucent, Novartis, Telstra, Siemens, BNP Paribas, Ashoka and BMW Foundation to develop the Social Intrapreneur Profile™ and establish the benchmark. They helped us define what it takes to be successful in the role of social intrapreneur.

It was quite accurate, gave me action points for my development.” Director, Business Development, Electronics Manufacturer

The psychology and analysis is fascinating. A lot of thinking and data behind this makes this so accurate and thorough.” Strategic Business Development, Social Enterprises

Susan’s research is fascinating and accurate.” Aspen Institute First Mover Fellow

The feedback confirms that the Social Intrapreneur Profile™ is a true reflection of the capabilities social intrapreneurs need to be successful.  It is the only assessment tool that we are aware of that was designed and developed with the help of social innovators, corporate social responsibility executives and industry experts.

The goal is to help you and your organizations identify and develop social intrapreneurs that have the competencies and behaviors that are needed to be successful in that role –especially millennials. They may not have the depth of competencies but they will be able to see what they need to enhance their capabilities as an intrapreneur.

In the article, Take the Risk and Become an Intrapreneur, the author Remington Tonar states the following: “Millennials are ideally situated to innovate with established companies. They are attuned to the technological and cultural changes impacting our society and their creativity hasn’t been stifled by years of corporate conditioning,”

Every organization has someone who exemplifies the ideal person for the role of social intrapreneur. We suggest you select that person to establish your own benchmark.

  • Ask that person to take the Social Intrapreneur Profile™ and compare their results to our benchmark.
  • Evaluate their results and determine which competencies and behaviors are most important for your organization.
  • Then use their profile as your baseline to help you identify and develop other social intrapreneurs in your organization.
  • Now you have two points of reference. Your benchmark and ours!

All you need to do is identify one individual in your organization that you believe is the ideal person for the role of social intrapreneur.  We can help you with the rest!

We know that a small percentage of individuals are doing this role but we also know that there are a lot more people that have the potential. Perhaps you are one of these people. Ask yourself….

  1. Do you lead a social innovation business initiative in your organization?
  2. Have you successfully launched a social innovation in your organization?
  3. Are you part of a social innovation team?
  4. Are you responsible for the commercialization of social innovations?
  5. Are you measured and rewarded on the success of the social innovations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are a potential candidate to establish a benchmark in your organization.

The world of work is changing and more organizations will be using competency based assessments like the Social Intrapreneur Profile™ to identify and develop their social intrapreneurs.

Be the first to establish a benchmark in your organization.

To find out more about the Social Intrapreneur Profile go to: To read our research report, The Social Intrapreneur’s DNA – Research Report 2014 go to:


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