The most read Intrapreneur articles in 2014 included seven that related to identifying Intrapreneurs. They were not the most recent articles but ones that provided insight into who Intrapreneurs are, how they are different and why they are important.

It is rewarding to see the interest that has been generated around the world on this topic.

As we start 2015, we are in the middle of a major transformation. Re-thinking what work means to us as individuals and redefining the role of business in society.

The growing interest in Intrapreneurs has put pressure on both individuals and organizations to better understand what it takes to be an Intrapreneur in a rapidly changing business environment.

The key for individuals is self-awareness. The more Intrapreneurs know about themselves the better equipped they will be in this role. It is not only understanding what it takes to be an Intrapreneur but understanding what capabilities you need to develop to be effective and successful in the role.

The key for organizations is identifying and developing these individuals. As evidence based hiring and development gain momentum understanding which competencies are critical for this role will be important in identifying and developing Intrapreneurs.

The 21st century opportunity for organizations is to transform their business through Intrapreneurship. The individuals who will lead that transformation are Intrapreneurs.

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Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year.


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