Part of the excitement of being an Intrapreneur is exploring the breadth and depth of your own skills and capabilities. The experience will test the very limits of your abilities and challenge your thinking. It will shake the very foundation of your beliefs and philosophies about work, and it will enable you to see the core business in a different light.

It forces you to hold a mirror up to yourself.

Intrapreneurs welcome the opportunity to flex their muscle and test their abilities. They want the opportunity to use their skills and capabilities that are underutilized. They know intuitively they can do more, but they may not have had an opportunity to demonstrate it.  They use new initiatives as a way to get the experience that may be missing from their personal portfolio of skills.

One Intrapreneur said that “Intrapreneurs are restless spirits. They have a high level of energy and need to be doing things that are exciting and challenging.”

These individuals are no longer willing to wait for the organization to find new and challenging opportunities for them to explore.  They are taking ownership and personal responsibility for their own growth and development.  Working in an entrepreneurial environment gives them the room to explore and enhance their capabilities. It helps them accelerate their personal growth.

Intrapreneurs like to do this type of work because it has meaning for them. They understand the risks involved in tackling new projects. They aren’t worried about what impact this might have on their career, because they know that climbing the corporate ladder is an old paradigm.  They are doing it because they want to learn and grow.

They realize that the value of this work is in the experience itself.  Win or lose, they will grow from the experience, and then be able to leverage it whatever they do or wherever they go.

The mirror is a reflection of where you are at any point in time. As you move forward you will increase your self-worth and confidence.  You will be encouraged to step up to the table and take on more challenges.  The key is how you deal with what you learn from the experience.

Holding the mirror up to yourself isn’t easy.  You will have to take ownership for what you see.


bestofBest of Intrapreneur Series Articles.  Reprint – March 2010

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