Intrapreneurship has sparked excitement among young professionals who are looking for a new path.  One that is more creative, challenging and rewarding.  Being an Intrapreneur is now seen as a viable career choice for many.  That said….

Many organizations are talking about Intrapreneurship but few are actually doing anything about it.  The challenge for Intrapreneurs is finding an organization that fully embraces and supports Intrapreneurship.  A place where being an Intrapreneur is an asset not a liability.

That’s why the Intrapreneurship Conference in Barcelona, Spain is so important.  Look at the organizations that will be attending and you will see those organizations that are actively promoting Intrapreneurship as part of their business model.  Attend the conference!

Many individuals claim to be Intrapreneurs when in fact they are not.  It’s not enough to say you’re an Intrapreneur; you have to be an Intrapreneur.  It’s all about the experience.

That’s why an organization like SA.AM in the Netherlands is so important for promoting Intrapreneurship among young professionals.  They see an unmet need to develop and nurture Intrapreneurs.  Look at their Intrapreneurs ChallengeTake the challenge!

Research has found that only a small percentage of executives in large organizations are Intrapreneurs or Intrapreneurial but what about the rest of the organization.  I suspect that there are many more Intrapreneurs inside organizations.  Not just at the top but throughout the organization.

Intrapreneurs are a hidden talent – you just need to find them.  Finding one is not as simple as looking inside your innovation group or at your high potentials or your extroverts.  They can be anywhere. They can be anyone. You need to know what you are looking for.

The challenge for organizations is finding professionals who are true Intrapreneurs.  The challenge for you is convincing them that you are an Intrapreneur.  Intrapreneurs possess a set of competencies that distinguish them from more traditional employees.  They have a different mindset; they think, act and make decisions differently.

intrapreneurscorecardThat’s why Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC has developed the Intrapreneur Scorecard for individuals that want to know.  The Intrapreneur Scorecard enables you to see for yourself if you have what it takes to be an Intrapreneur.  It only takes a few minutes to see if your approach is more traditional, Intrapreneurial or both.  Take the Intrapreneur Scorecard!

The more you know about yourself the more you will know what you need to do to develop the skills to be an Intrapreneur.

Stop and think about it.  Do you have what it takes or do you only think you do?



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