Intrapreneurship is entrepreneurship in the corporate world.

There are lots of reasons why Intrapreneurship is important.  Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Growth: During the economic downturn most companies stopped investing in the future.  Now they are sitting on piles of cash.  They know they need to grow, they just aren’t sure how.  Intrapreneurship answers the question of – HOW!

The goal of Intrapreneurship is to create the entrepreneurial mindset and infrastructure needed to support growth. It takes a systems view of growth. It is a framework for transformation.

Intrapreneurship helps organizations generate new business growth.

2. Innovation: Innovation is the key element in providing aggressive top line growth. But doing one or two innovation initiatives a year will not support or sustain innovation. Organizations need to be innovating all the time. Failure rates for innovation are still high, 50% to 90%.

Innovation alone is not enough.  Organizations need to set the context for innovation; the right people, the right processes and the right environment.  Innovation and intrapreneurship are entwined, they are tied together. You need both to be successful.

Intrapreneurship provides an environment to support and sustain innovation over time.

3. Leadership: Research has identified leadership as the key predictor of innovation success. Yet a majority of CEOs to not feel like they have the capabilities inside their organizations to achieve their growth agenda.  The skills and capabilities that propelled most executives to the top in the past are not the skills required to build new growth businesses. Only 4% of leaders are intrapreneurial.

Intrapreneurship requires a new set of competencies and behaviors.  Intrapreneurial leaders think and act differently, they have different motivations and aspirations, and they prefer working in different work environments.  It is this differentiation that makes them the perfect candidate to lead new growth initiatives.

Intrapreneurship is the one of the best ways to attract and retain your most entrepreneurial leaders.

4. Change: Change is one of the least understood and under developed management disciplines.  Most studies report a 60% – 70% failure rate when it comes to change initiatives. Risk adverse cultures and resistance to change impede an organizations ability to grow.

Intrapreneurial leaders are change agents.  They blaze new trails. They become the very change they wish to see.  Not just driving change, but modeling change so others can change as well.

Intrapreneurship enables organizations to effectively accelerate and manage change.

5. Engagement: Gallup Research estimates that disengaged employees cost US organizations over $450 billion in lost productivity.  In 2012, only 30% of American workers were engaged and committed to their workplace. Lost productivity translates to slow or no growth.

Intrapreneurship provides a platform to engage employees in work that is challenging and meaningful.  Intrapreneurs are highly engaged in their work.  Their passion and determination inspire others to get involved and try new things.  As they grow, the organization grows.

Intrapreneurship helps employees stretch and grow while keeping them engaged.

Intrapreneurship has become a critical imperative for all organizations and a survival strategy for others. Organizations that have embraced Intrapreneurship have achieved higher financial returns, increased productivity, more innovation and higher levels of employee engagement.

Isn’t it time you took a closer look at Intrapreneurship and what it can mean for your organization.

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