The accelerated pace of change is putting pressure on organizations to transform themselves and generate new business growth.  Leaders are struggling to do both of these.

Keep in mind that growth is all about change and change is all about people.  People and organizations are resistant to change.  It is a failure to change that is impeding growth.

Change is one of the least understood of the management disciplines.  Leaders are not adequately trained or equipped to deal effectively with change. They continue to rely on traditional management processes and practices to guide them.

Change has always been seen as a soft skill.  It is not something that organizations have embraced.  Now it is taking center stage.  The rapid pace of change has made change a critical success factor.  Either ‘change or be changed.’ 

Organizations are responding to this challenge by identifying and developing their top talent – their high potentials.  Yet, most high potentials are selected because of their success in the core business not growing new businesses.  That’s a mistake.  Research shows that a different mindset is needed.  A distinct set of capabilities are required.

Intrapreneurs have that mindset; they have a distinct set of capabilities.  They not only drive change, they break down resistance to change. In the article To Change A Company, You Need Intrapreneurs, Jennifer Silberman, states “It’s the efforts of courageous Intrapreneurs that change their (organizations) trajectory.”

Intrapreneurs have an innate curiosity to explore the unknown which makes them great change agents.

  • They love a challenge.  They are consistently building their capabilities by challenging themselves.  No challenge is too big.
  • They take responsibility for their own growth and development.  They proactively seek out opportunities that enable them to stretch and grow.   Personal growth is what motivates them.
  • They embrace change.  They know that nothing happens until someone takes action, takes the lead and creates a new path for others to follow.  Intrapreneurs take the lead, they make change happen.

Intrapreneurs are the key to growth, the catalyst for change.  Being a change agent is a skill that will only increase in value over time.  Intrapreneurs know this.

Intrapreneurs are building the skills that will help them take control of their own destiny. Creating a brighter future for themselves and their organizations.

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