One of the greatest challenges facing Intrapreneurs is finding an organization that has the entrepreneurial mindset and infrastructure to support what they do and how they do it.

Organizations think they know what it takes to be entrepreneurial.  In truth they don’t.

Entrepreneurship for many organizations is etched in words, not actions.  The intent is there, it is the entrepreneurial leadership and operational support that is missing.

This makes it more difficult for Intrapreneurs to succeed.  They must not only deal with the nuances of building a new business, they must also deal with the obstacles that the current operating environment puts in their way.

Intrapreneurs often find themselves trapped in organizations that claim they are entrepreneurial when in fact they are not.  Finding an organization that truly embraces entrepreneurship is difficult.  Knowing what to look for is critical. 

To help you determine how entrepreneurial your organization is we have developed the Entrepreneurial Audit – Self Assessment.  It is an abbreviated version of the more comprehensive Entrepreneurial Audit.™

The Self Assessment is a 10 question survey that enables you to rate your company on entrepreneurship and see what things may be getting in the way.

Take the Entrepreneurial Audit – Self Assessment and see for yourself.

Keep in mind that the self assessment provides a quick snap shot.

The full blown Entrepreneurial Audit™ is a more comprehensive assessment that provides an in-depth analysis of the entrepreneurial practices inside organizations along six dimensions: strategic intent, people, process, place, entrepreneurship and outcomes.

Finding out how entrepreneurial your organization is can be a good way for Intrapreneurs to understand why they may or may not feel like they fit in their organization.  It is also a useful way to evaluate an organization that you are considering joining.

Intrapreneurs are more effective if they are given the tools and infrastructure they need to enable them to do what they do best, drive new business growth.  The more quickly we match Intrapreneurs to organizations that have instituted entrepreneurship, the sooner we will get our economies growing again.

How entrepreneurial is your organization? Isn’t it time you found out!


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