After years of working with corporate entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders it has become very clear that these individuals have a key differentiation.

They are in alignment with who they are not what the organization wants them to be.

By being true to themselves they are more productive, more engaged and better employees.

They are not content to sit on the sidelines and wait until things get better.  They take steps to make things better.  They create the future through their actions.  They move themselves and their companies forward.

They see the world with a fresh perspective.  They don’t let old mental models or past experience get in their way. They create new mental models that adapt to a rapidly changing world.

They look at every problem as an opportunity.  They know that there is a solution to every problem.  They just need to find it.  They search for new and creative ways to solve problems.  No problem is too big.

They deal effectively with complexity.  They do not try to simplify things too quickly.  They know that simplifying things narrows their choices.  They keep their options open until they no longer make sense.

They don’t let uncertainty stop them from making a decision.  They collect enough information to make an intelligent decision.  They know that nothing happens until you make a decision.  No decision is a decision.

They play by a new set of rules.  They know that the old rules are no longer effective.  Playing it safe gets you more of the same.  New rules are needed to deal with a very different business environment.

They know that the only way to make progress is to make change happen.  They become the change they hope to achieve.  Not just leading changing but modeling change.  Making others comfortable changing too.

They are not afraid to fail they are only concerned if they don’t try.  They know that failure ultimately leads to success.  If you aren’t failing you aren’t learning and growing.  The only way to get better is to experience both success and failure.

They see potential in every individual and they encourage them to reach for something bigger, better and more challenging.  They inspire them to become the best of who they are.  By motivating others they are motivating themselves.  They know it takes a team to succeed.

Many of the things that corporate entrepreneurs do are just the opposite of what you see with more traditional employees and leaders. It is what differentiates them from the rest.

Progress can only be made by individuals who are willing to lead through difficult times and challenge traditional beliefs and practices.

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