While speaking to a group of sixty mid level managers last week one question that was asked was whether large companies are selectively looking to hire Intrapreneurs and Corporate Entrepreneurs.

Unfortunately, too few organizations are actively recruiting individuals who have the entrepreneurial capabilities that are needed to re-energize their business. That is a mistake!

The fact is that growth in many large companies has stalled even though they are sitting on piles of cash.  Many are waiting to see how things turn out in the US election.  That is mistake!

Individuals who have the skills and capabilities to lead new growth initiatives are left sitting on their hands.  They are eager to move their companies forward but they are being held back.  That is a waste of talent!

Hiring entrepreneurs inside a large organization is still a foreign concept.  Many organizations say they want these types of individuals but their actions say something else.  They are using hiring criteria that gives them more of what they have not what they need. It keeps them stuck in the past.

There are six reasons why you should hire Intrapreneurs now:

1. Internal entrepreneurs are independent thinkers.  They make sense of the world based on their own observations and experience.  They are willing to try new things.  They don’t let past experience get in their way or cloud their judgement.  They see possibilities where others don’t.

2. Internal entrepreneurs are good at navigating uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. They don’t sit back and wait for things to become clear. They control uncertainty by acting. 

3. Internal entrepreneurs are totally engaged and energized by a challenge.  They bigger the challenge the better.  It is like climbing a mountain.  Once you’ve climbed a mountain you want to climb a higher more difficult one next time.  They take on the toughest jobs.

4. Internal entrepreneurs are good at driving change.  They are willing to take on risks to change their comfort zone.  They not only lead change but become the change they hope to achieve.  They model change so others are comfortable changing too. They make change happen.

5. Internal entrepreneurs are highly effective leaders.  They find creative ways to leverage limited resources.  They know where the organization is flexible and where it is not.  They are able to break down barriers and create new systems to support them.  They lead through complexity.

6. Internal entrepreneurs are good at execution.  They have the discipline to stay focused and bring things to closure.  They know how to take a complex set of interrelated variables and put them together to achieve results.  They close the gap between strategy and execution.

The skills and capabilities that were needed in the past are not the skills needed moving forward. The reality is that we all need to be entrepreneurs now whether we are in a large organization or on our own.

It’s time organizations got serious about hiring leaders who have the entrepreneurial talent to shake things up and get things moving.  

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