On Meet the Press this week Tom Friedman said that what employers are looking for is employees that “can adapt, invent and reinvent their jobs.” He went on to say that what is needed more than ever are big, bold changes.”

These are words that describe what corporate entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Social Innovators do. 

In his article, We’re All Entrepreneurs, Marshall Goldsmith” stated that “like it or not, even if you start out with a large corporation, you are going to be an entrepreneur.” The article goes on to say that “In the new era of uncertainty, we all need to think like entrepreneurs.”

It will be up to the individual to develop their own capabilities and motivation. Individuals will have to develop the skills and behaviors that make them competitive on a global basis.” That means that as individuals we will be constantly learning.  Goldsmith’s advice, “invest your time and your money in your future.”

In the book “The Start-up of You” LinkedIn’s founder Reid Hoffman “argues that professionals need an entirely new mind-set and skill set to compete.  The old paradigm of climb a stable career ladder is dead and gone. No career is a sure thing anymore.”

Like Goldsmith, Hoffman suggests that you need to take ownership for your own growth and development. He goes on to say that “For entrepreneurs it is differentiate or die – that now goes for all of us.” As individuals we must build our own skills and capabilities.

The reality is that we are all entrepreneurs now.

According to the article Reinventing the Intrapreneur for the 21st Century,Intrapreneurship mobilizes the individual to put their talents, creativity and passion in play to invigorate their career and maximize their personal potential and achievements.”

The author of Intrapreneur -The New Entrepreneur suggests that “today, organizations, in a quest to engage/retain their star performers are providing them with a platform to hone their entrepreneurial skills.”

The most progressive organizations have already recognized that “Intrapreneurship” is a concept that is here to stay.

What about you and your company? Is Intrapreneurship part of your core strategy?

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