We thought that there were more ‘entrepreneurs‘ out there in large organizations – now we know there are.

Thanks to all of the readers who have downloaded the e-book Acceleration and taken the Entrepreneur Survey.

A special thanks to those individuals that made the decision to take the Corporate Entrepreneur Profile to see if they have what it takes to be an ‘entrepreneur‘ inside an organization.

The lack of entrepreneurial role models at the top of most organizations continues to stifle innovation and growth. So finding and developing these individuals has become a top priority for organizations that want to accelerate growth.

  • Does your organization need to accelerate growth?
  • Which individuals can help you generate growth?
  • What are the competencies you need to grow?

The rapid pace of change is making acceleration a critical part of everything we do. Like a runner it is not enough to be running fast, you must be running faster over time. The same is true for organizations. – they need to be moving faster in a world that is increasingly more complex and uncertain. But you need more than speed to succeed.

Organizations that want to increase the speed in which they respond to change and acheive business growth will need to develop ‘entrepreneurship’ as a core competency.  The key is developing both the entrepreneurial leadership and infrastructure for accelerating growth.

Acceleration – Changing the Speed of Growth provides an insiders view of ‘entrepreneurship‘ and three things you can do to accelerate growth – activate your people, renovate key processes and transform your culture.  It’s more ART than science!

As organizations begin to see the value of developing ‘entrepreneurship‘ as a core competency there is growing recognition that ‘entrepreneurs‘ are a key factor for organizational growth.

Find and develop your entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, social Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders – they have what it takes to activate growth.

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