In the last year we’ve seen a proliferation of articles, research and discussions about the value of corporate entrepreneurship (Intrapreneurship) to growth and the longer term viability of large organizations.  Corporate entrepreneurship is once again – gaining momentum.

Consulting firms have published new research on the topic. Ersnt & Young’s report Igniting Innovation, recommends “institutionalizing entrepreneurship” and making it part of your “business strategy.” Telling organizations to “make room for Intrapreneurs.”

In the article, Do you have the right leaders for your growth strategies? McKinsey and Egon Zehnder found a “link between growth and specific leadership traits.” Traits aligned with entrepreneurial leaders.

A new award, the Japan-US Intrapreneur Award is being given to large organizations that “have brought to market a significant internally driven innovation.” The award recognizes the entrepreneurial process by which the innovation was created.

There is a mutual fund focused on entrepreneurial companies. The “Entrepreneur Shares Global Fund – 15 characteristics deemed to make a company entrepreneurial.”

Academic researchers report that organizations that are more entrepreneurial have higher levels of engagement, productivity, innovation and financial returns.

Business schools around the world are offering MBA and Executive Education programs on Corporate Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Building New Businesses inside organizations.

There are a growing number of books on the topic, Grow from Within, Entrepreneurs Inside, Savvy Intrapreneur, and most recently Intrapreneurship,

An article, Reinventing the Intrapreneur for the 21st Century talks about the need to redefine the role.

Bloggers are actively debating the differences between Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs with postings like, Intrapreneurs are Nothing like EntrepreneursStop Fooling Yourself, and In Defense of Intrapreneurialism,

All of these are signaling an increase in momentum and the acknowledgement that corporate entrepreneurship – is a viable and proven path to growth.

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